Miles to go

dsc_0804_hiking.jpg Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru used to keep famous lines of the great poet ‘…miles to go before I sleep’ on his table and by his bed side. Infact this line was not just to inspire only one of the greatest leader of the world but it equally worked in the case of any individual who is otherwise in the midst of challenging situations. One who is responsible enough to play his role in important position has to keep the message behind the poem by his side all the time to remain fully reminded of enormousness of the task and the commitment to fulfill the same. Even common people too have their jobs and responsibilities to discharge and the very thought that there is something yet to be attended to before they retire for some ralaxation generates the activity. It forms no tension, instead it stimulates energy and the very worry for the tasks tobe undertaken is inspiringly refreshing.

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1 thought on “Miles to go

  1. Thoughts are noble and also inspiring


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