Gimmics on next budget:

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A good sign as it appears to be, there are indications that next budget to be placed by the Finance Minister of the Country is likely to be a soft one to suit different categories of tax payers or say the voters for the next general elections keeping particularly in mind that elections in certain states are due or may fall due shortly. It looks like there is hardly any body belonging to different political parties who really bothers for the welfare of the people. How is it that different relaxations in the matter of income tax or other taxes payable by the electorate are granted only when some elections are due and none takes pains to do some thing on that count in an otherwise normal atmosphere. This is not honest. To do some thing to woo public for election purposes is just a sort of an opportunistic approach where no principles but self interest counts. Such people in power and politics are a menace only and miserably lack necessary credentials to be the representatives of the people. Gone are the days when personalities representing the public in Parliament and State Assemblies were highly above board with their integrity intact throughout. Now it is just a changed scenario where such representatives start coining different  messages to allure the public for their vested interests. In the current scenario, it looks like some thing quite utopian to think of an honest and efficient governance and as one in the country one can only wish for some better days to come taking care of the multifarious problems the people at large are presently confronted with.

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