Rakhee Sawant’s interview:

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Only the other day I had to see an interview of Rakhee Sawant, a dancer and an actress of repute, on a tv channel. I was trying to find out some thing of grace and dignity on the part of an artist otherwise of national status but felt somewhat deluded as except glitter of beauty and grandeur of makeup there was hardly any thing worth noticing. She repeatedly advocated for her innocence and quite surprisingly she emphasized Gandhigeeri as her approach point in life. Both these assertions are highly in contrast to the life pattern she is known to be leading. She honours her parents much as she said but she is the one who hardly cares for their advice not to expose her so much atleast in  public. With a wide mouthed gesture every time she answered the question she showed her tongue out as if to gallop the attention of the audience to her throat. On every reaction of the people in audience she invariably used ‘Oh, God’ as an interjection. There was hardly any moment of seriousness or a modest gesture on reactions of the viewers. Her total body language being that of a vagabond, she miserably failed to establish any sober rapport with the audience.

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