Scenario in Politics

Going through a media coverage just the other day on how the MLAs and MPs have gone down in their performance in their different fields and equally in the Parliament, it was no surprise as they are peoples representatives just for name sake and have hardly to do any thing with positive working to secure necessary welfare and security to the public. They are more interested in serving their own interest both money wise and power wise. These very MLAs and MPs behave worse when they are elevated to the ministerial positions. They are infact in many cases a menace to public interest. Different surveys reveal that their performance ratio is decreasing continuously. To satisfy their whims and fancies what is so much in vogue currently is that they go for projects which have nothing to do with the welfare of the people, instead it is to propagate their own bosses and deities in some form or the other. Concentration is never on roads,hospitals and other basic utility areas and every thing is diverted to their own monetary interests.Workforce in the country fails to elicit necessary response from the government to their demands for wage increase for years but as against that increase in emoluments of these so called public representative in State assemblies and Parliament is a common feature every now and then with a bountiful enhancement in their perquisites. This is actually a stage when a mere simple awareness on the part of the people in general is not enough unless they committedly launch a movement at the scale of a revolution.

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