A common man’s plight:

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May be there was a time when a common man was to lead a normal and easy life in the past or there might have been really a tension free atmosphere for him if at all there was ever something like Ram Rajya in the country. Situation in the country presently is just a contrast denotive of the fact that a common man today is all the time confronted with gigantic problems all around. Law and order situation is terribly alarming and people in general are unable to move without fear or tension. Kidnapping, arson, loot and killings are there just as a matter of fancy on the part of those who find it convenient to resort to such tactics for their gains. There is none to stop them. Those who can stop them, say the politicians ruling the country, wouldn’t do it for fear of losing their vote banks. Big bullies in the society are enjoying their life at the cost of common people who vote them to power. School going boys and girls are not safe, their parents always suffer from the fear of something untoward or the other to their children. Once visiting Tokyo when I asked some local people as to how it is that they don’t bother much about their families when away from home and prompt was the reply that where ever one was was quite safe and there is no reason to worry about them. Children in school, ladies in the market and employees in their offices never suffered from the fear that they could be kidnapped or looted. They virtually led a life of ease and comfort with no mental agony of any kind. Most of the politicians in the country are not only professionally criminals, they are corrupt people in many ways. They are the ones who lead a double faced life -they are gentlemen when talking to public or when they address a meeting or say an election meeting and they are the people indulging themselves in criminal activities at the first available opportunity that  comes their way. They can manage any thing for themselves as they have enormous money power and contacts which position is only a dream for the common people. Common people actually suffer so much only in the hands of those who are supposed to be their protectors.

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1 thought on “A common man’s plight:

  1. Money power is a great menace


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