Crowds and competition

Text Link Ads Whatever be the phase and mode of a life pattern, it is full of competition every where. One can’t move an inch without facing some kind of a competition or the other. School, market, roads, parks or any kind of activity are, every where one has to compete like while on road many a times if you are late even for a  minute, the shutter on the railway crossing is dow, if you are even slightly slow driving your car, the traffic behind you are there to pounce upon you blowing their horns after horns totally unmindful of the fact that the traffic in your front itself is in a jam and not in a position to move. Many a hotels are there where you go but have to be in the que for want of seats. Once in New York I was passing through a big jam in a car onway to my office and there I got stranded for half an hour and all the time my driver was facing volley of questions by others in the traffic as if my car only was an obstruction for them to move onward. Some of them even used some slanderous language. I was just thinking as to how could it be possible for me to give them a walk over in the competition of travelling on road. You board trains, particularly the local trains, there too you are confronted with several problems -first while buying a ticket spending lot of time standing in the que, then running through flyovers and yet again doing lot of maramari while boarding the train and finally while trying to reach your seat/birth to find that huge luggage is piled up there by your co passengers and no surprise that the person concerned loses his/her temper when asked to clear the luggage from the space reserved in your name. You go to a temple, there again there is a tough competition on who reaches first to avoid standing in the que. Workwise too it is too difficult to cope with the competition and the moment you slightly lag behind, you are out. I am hired by a big company marketing on blogs presently @ of just a few dollars per post. Recently I submitted to them about 10 posts out of which only 2 were selected for the reason of some trivial a lacuna or the other. I felt demoralised. Buyers go for a best available quality expecting others, those who accept the offers, to perform maximum and this kind of competition proves so arduous many a times.

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