Appeasement at the cost of public money

The Government of Uttar Pradesh announced a sumptuous increase in the salary of different heads of large number of corporations and the boards the other day.The increase being the amount of Rs.5000/, it is not a trivial figure. The increase is meant for whom? Are they financially weak people? Are they the people who need money for their routine basic needs? No, they are not those falling in this category. instead most of them are the people financially fat enough to gallopingly swallow public money in some name or the other.Their quality lies in cultivating votes and it is on this count that they have to be appeased by the political powers that be and for this commodity they are paid sumptuously with offering them appointments as Chairman, Director in some board or the other or something else like that. Theirs is not the money hard earned but the one that comes to them easily in the shape of such appointments.It is infact a loot on public money. The Government can’t supply the required amount of electricity for the reason that they have no funds, public utility areas are not provided because they lack required financial resources, roads are in a dilapidated conditions for this very reason, they are not even repaired causing hardships to public. As against this there is an increase every now and then in the emoluments and perquisites of the so called public representatives. The leaders who can really do good to the people are yet to emerge to surface.

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  1. Nice writing


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