You are still there!

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You have left us RO, you have now gone far away from us abandoning us so suddenly that I, as one, find it horribly difficult to reconcile to the news. Why the news can’t be incorrect?. No, destiny wou’nt allow it to happen. One cries, one crumbles with amazement but the Immanent Will works in its own way and has snatched you away from your loved ones, snatched you away for ever but the very thought of your presence amongst the people is somethig that just can’t be erased.

All India State Bank of India Staff Federation has gone much poorer with the setback that a great stalwart who was one of the architects of the present day Federation is no more. A most dynamic figure who played most pivotal a role in building up this Organisation making indefatigable efforts throughout his life -in active service and even thereafter, is now not there in his usual style of a friend, a philosopher and a guide for all those who were associated with him. Always amenable to reasons but firmly sticking to his approach in different matters, he was the one possessing enormous caliber to take his issues to a logical end. There could hardly be any body, possibly none, who might ever have seen him losing his temper even during talks on crucially controversial matters. His contribution in remodelling the very concept of trade union functioning giving it a modernised look is immense. Time may pass, things may change but R.O.Shah remains live in the minds of the people so long All India State Bank of India Staff Federation continues to exist. R.O. Shah is in our hearts, we can’t ever afford to forget him, none who directly or indirectly belongs to the Federation, can.

So closely associated to him for decades, I still feel like I see him live even after he is no more. Whenever we both met after some gap of time, we used to embrace each other as a matter of affinity and kinship and  the very thought that it has not to happen now so twitchingly haunts my mind. I just feel like crying with the words of Mathew Arnold –

In the void air towards thee, my strained arms are cast !

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1 thought on “You are still there!

  1. So pathetic and sorrowful


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