Sugar free sweets -a menace to health

Intentionally or otherwise something wrong did happen on the part of Sanjai Dutt for which he suffered so much in the hands of Law of the country. Hardly any one else could have been dealt with so harshly in a country like ours where there is an innumerable lot going scotch free after committing several heinous crimes and on that count there are mafias and ruffians particularly in the political field who are making the life of common people so miserable.Even if sent behind bar, what type of a luxurious life they are allowed to lead there in connivance with the administration is to every body’s knowledge.It’s not that whatever wrong Sanju Baba, a luminary figure in filmdom, might have done should be treated as something rewardable but the punishment he has already undergone is much enough and there it should end. Instead what is happening looks like a sheer witch hunting as if all unlawful activities shall stop taking place if Sanju is dealt with in a worst possible order. This all is infact a prejudice on the part of the authorities including those in judiciary –prejudice to the effect that Sanju being a great movie star and celebrity known well the world over, his clear acquittal may be taken by the people that it has been done so because he is most important a person in the country.This is unfair, this is a treatment highly unequal. Prejudice of no kind should be permissible to any one at any level –judiciary or administration

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