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Crisis of quality orientation is a routine phenomenon in our country.May be you have enough money to buy usuables you need and the items you cherish to acquire but it doesn’t always mean that you are to get it in the market.There are duplicates for all items.You ask for the original one and the vendor shows you the same and if you are able to differentiate between the original and the copied one, you find it to be just a duplicate only. Even for very routine items required for daily use at home like milk, vegetables and fruits, you very often get a rotten material only even at times pre injection with chemicals that act as slow poisoning. Certain business houses took the lead in making quality material like vegetables, milk and other eatables available to public but no sooner they had a takeoff they had to face the wrath of vendors/ hawkers. True, better it is that the vendors and the hawkers trading in small business are not rendered jobless but then why they can’t behave themselves by supplying quality items without adulteration or chemically injected commodities. They can’t resist temptation of earning more for selling adulterated material for higher profits and more money and it is but natural for consumers to go for alternatives which they resent creating scenes and noises.Reliance retail outles for fruits and vegetable supplying fresh items were ransacked and gheraoed in different places obstruction supply of quality material. This is highly unfair and democracy should not be allowed to be turned to mobocracy. Alternative lies in smaller business groups behaving honest and fair and not in causing hooliganism to force their business on consumers.

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