All that glitters is not gold !

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There are many a things that look so rosy at the first sight but the moment you get closer to them they are just different. This phenomenon, interalia, applies very much to ad world on internet Web where there is an unending and limitless offer of money, lot of money, alluring the visitors on the site to the extent that one can not resist the temptation of joining the scheme. There you have to go through an arduous task of filling up forms after forms getting the message of ‘Congratulations’ at the end. You are thrilled and feel like becoming a millionare within next few days to endup soon to a situation where in reality you either don’t get any thing tangible at all or if some how you are able to makeup something to look like some result, you are in for either being declared a defaulter or branded as the one having committed some breach of agreement. The worse part of it all is that you are required to draw a conclusion yourself as to how all this happened as the Web owners are quite in the habit of behaving as monarchs and they never bother to attend to your queries on the subject. It is nothing but still a myth that people continue to be the ones who can’t resist their temptation for money.

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