Chirping birds

When evening draws to a close, invariably and unfailingly there are chirping birds singing songs to soothingly caress tired minds of the people after the tiring toil of the day.The birds that way not only care for themselves thay equally share the day with human beings.They are so loving, so generous and so lovely as against the human beings who hardly care for those very birds who do so much for them, they instead are on a killing spree against them most often. Lord Budha was the one who saved a bird shot at by an arrow of the killer.One Lord Budha was not enough to protect the birds, infact many a Lord Budhas can’t do it because the mankind suffers from a killer instinct possibly right from the days the world came into existence and for that reason the propensity to make others a prey in human mind looks unending with a potential in such a negative direction is a matter of eternity. How good and noble it could be if the human beings could improve their behavious in dealing with other creatures on earth.

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