Tracing money areas through blogging -a nightmarish experience !

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Money matters are normally read in conjunction with lust but it is not the case always as money is the need for living, it is the need for livelihood for which one has to knock several channels searching and tracing them whereever one can lay his hands upon. Online medium is one such area where needy persons can trace many an avenues where the get attracted at first sight particularly in view of the fact that theirs are the offers most alluring and tempting. Mine has been a very tortuous sort of experience in dealing with them.d They are masters in showing utmost cordiality with the users and the users in turn quite easily fall in their trap. No problem at the takeoff level but soon thereafter a nightmarish experience starts. You continue feeding data after data in your site so acquired by you from them waiting for money and when it comes to that they will raise some query or the other frustrating you to the extreme and ultimately a situation comes when you may feel like calling it a day with them. If you have patience enough to dash emails to them one after the other, they normally don’t reply, if at all they reply they only point out some error on your part or some lapse.The objections they raise are in most of the cases on flimsy grounds finding fault with ‘clicks’ and source; you try to convince them they wo’nt listen. If somehow you are lucky enough to earn some credit in your account, there too you are confronted with so many queries as from Paypal or whatever the agency selected for payment purposes with the result that you are hardly able to get money for the job you so indefatigably did. I am the one who has been working so hard on it but till today what I have been able to experience is just a sheer frustration. No user can do any thing against them as they already make you sign a voluminous agreement with them which abundantly gives them the position of super masters capable enough to deny you your payment on some ground or the other usurping your earnings only to their advantage making fun of the fact that the money so earned was not theirs. In one instance I was asked by one of them to direct my message through the email ID I used while registering with them nearly 3 years back which was not possible for the reason that all these years I was working with another alternate email ID duly accepted by them with the result that I stand disabled to contact them and obviously they are happy that whatever meagre amount I earned is now conveniently theirs.Instances like this are innumerable leading to a conclusion that getting any money through blogging in the case of many is nothing more than some thing just utoppian.

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