Who is safe?

The world around us is typical where none is safe be it an individual or group of individuals. Hazards, risk of life and what not are there at every step.Strife laden atmosphere doesn’t permit any one to move with ease and peace. The fear that one can any moment be kidnapped, looted, humiliated or even killed in broad day light is an all the time factor that lurks in the mind of the people. In the absence of an ethics in the society, there is nothing that could restrain the ruffians, the looters, the kidnappers and the killers against their recklessly callous way of dealing with their own fellow men. It is an anarchy at a worst possible scale in our country, nay almost the world as a whole. People talk of olden days when the humans could live peacefully but the situation to which we are the witness to day only drives one’s mind to a thinking as if there was no peace on earth earlier too and peace is no more a matter of reality, it is a dream, it is utopian.

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