Where head is held high!

“Where head is held high…” said Rabindranath Tagore talking of the scenario obtaining in the society when British ruled our country. It was not just a rule by foreigners but a total imposition of slavery on Indians by them. As a great patriot it was just natural for Tagore to think of a society where people could rise against slavery for self respect and dignity securing to themselves a right to move free, talk free moving on the roads holding their head high without bowing down before any body in obedience. Yes, those were the days when one did hanker for freedom. The British were so dead set on treating Indians as their slaves that even now after six decades of independence in the country there is hardly any change in the mindset of the British people. On my visit to London I could closely see as to how they treat Indians. Their style and gestures have undergone no change -they look at you with a sense of disdain and you hardly come across a situation where amount of receptivity is not lacking. The bad days over but the tragedy is that it is not an easy phenomenon for a common man to survive with a head held high. The way the scenario obtains today is worse in certain ways. There is nothing like peace, nothing like security for the common man. The politicians, the vote catchers, the mafias, the goons all are blood suckers and there is no forum or place where one can go for safety and protection. Corruption and loot spree are rampant. True, we are a free nation, true all of us like to lead a dignified life holding our head high which ofcourse just looks like some thing all utopian. Only some charishma can save our country for which some great leaders are yet to born.

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