Peace thy name is an illusion!

I wanted peace and travelled miles and miles to get it but couldn’t get it. Confining myself to a solitary level of modest existence I walked alone but was obstructed at every step by those who were not prepared to tolerate me even in whatsoever harmless movement I had avoiding any inconvenience to any one. They wanted me to handover to them whatever cash or other possessions I had with me but as I had none they threatened me of dire consequences. I cried for help requesting some persons standing nearby to rescue me to find that they were the business partners of the gang that was chasing me. I thought of police help who started cajoling me instead of supporting me accusing me as to how come I was not having some rings on my fingers or a chain on my neck gazing at me with suspicion as if I was concealing them some where in my pockets. They assured me some help if I was prepared to handover to them atleast my wrist watch which I had to readily agree. Spared I was advised to run away fast from the scene. I ran away and tried to take shelter in a temple nearby where I was thrashed by the godmen there for causing them difficulties as I could potentially annoy the local gang whose wrath they were not prepared to take. The godmen in the temple however were prepared to give me a momentary shelter if I could offer them necessary prasaad which I was not able to afford with the result that I was forcibly ousted from the temple. A local public representative showed me some sympathy but withdrew the same instantly on knowing that I had neither any money nor any man power of any order to offer. Disheartened, I felt like collapsing on realising that in the scenario that obtains in the society as a whole today, there is nothing like any security to a common man who has only to hanker for protection and safety without ever getting it.

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