Sun Temples in India -Answer to Yashika Singh’s question!

Not one but actually there are 3 Sun Temples in India -2 in Orissa and 1 in Gujarat. The main temple which was created in 13th Century in Puri district of Orissa at a distance of 65 KM from Bhubaneswar and is known as Chariot of the Sun God.Besides Deities of the Gods and Goddesses, itis known for depiction of different sex postures shown in stone attracting a large number of tourists from all over the old. One of the tourists, an English lady, once got so annoyed with the exposure of sex through idols that she left the temple murmuring that she felt like killing the artists who made them. Temple celebrates a grand function every year worshipping the Sun God with bhajans and dance -the main dance being that of Odissi, most famous one in Orissa.

The other temple, also in Orissa, is known as Biranchi Vinayak Temple in Bugda (Ganjam district) and attracts a big crowd of tourists but is less controversial compared to the main temple.

The next temple  known as the Sun Temple in Madhera (Gujarat) has more or less the same features like the other two and was constructed by Raja Bhimdev who belonged to Solanki dynasty. This temple is more popuar locally but there are visitors in a large number from abroad. 

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