Amassing wealth Maya style!

These are the way the pliticians make money and give it the a name like it was just managed in a simple and innocent way telling the stories of ordinary individuals gifting the amount to them.Mayawati, presently the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, herself a dalit with the claim of being a messiah of the downtroddens in the country too talks the same way. Her assertion that the wealth she acquired for herself to the tune of around 52 Crores of rupees during the last 3 years was possible not by any unfair means but by the humble contribution of 5-10 ruupees gifted to her by her followers looks just ridiculous.We know of great leaders and world feagures like Mahatma Gandhi who collected paisa by paisa to make a rupee spending it cen per cent in public interest without using an iota of it on his personal self. Men like Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya who could make a dream come true by bringing into existence an education centre of global repute like Banaras Hindu University. His official residence in BHU Campus was a synonymn of simplicity looking like an ashram. He collected the resources for the giant project like BHU by running from pillar to post and by accepting smallest possible amounts from individuals and bigger sums from the maharajas of the country. He too was the person who saw to it personally that not a single rupee is spent personally for himself out of the collections so made. There are numerous such instances.Mayawati is the one who accepts with unchaste a candidness that she did use the money so collected by her from the common followers of hers in acquiring personal wealth in highly enormous proportions.Most lavishly furnished bungalows in Delhi and Lucknow with luxurious flats in different other places followed by the ones in highly costly commercial areas are a reality and duly accepted by herself. Are these places to help the public or any ordinary individual in the country. The answer is just a ‘no’. Persons like her are political heavy weights and are fully equipped with safety devices to protect them against any voice that is raised against them. Number of cases against her pointed out in the past are almost buried, others may follow suit and whatever could be the new ones are supposed to meet the same fate.Not only Maya’s, if a view is taken in respect of lot many political leaders  in the country, the total schenario is that most chaotic conditions possessing most adverse a potential for alarmingly disastrous a situation in our country.Difficult to trace any ray of hope any where.

IMG_0013Mayas assets

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1 thought on “Amassing wealth Maya style!

  1. It is only a pity on politicians


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