I do honour their Indent…


Writing on any thing is too cumbersome a task, more so on subjects like Banking, Trade Unions and one’s own life. Cursorily and at times seriously too I have been writing volumes as a free lancer with my articles published globally online. There has been quite an amount of pressure on me for a long time to write some book on my experiments while serving in Banking Industry specifically in the context of my role as an apex level trade union leader with national/ international coverage on workforce angle. The indents so pressurized however couldn’t go beyond a bald requisition sans a tangible functionality. Obviously I was just unable to harness myself to such a project as my overdraft limit with the Bank already stood too squeezed in till now  maintaining a small office to persue and followup my own writings and study. Convinced fully that it was worth and the need too to work on this project, my incapacitation resource wise stood in the way. Just some time back a close friend of mine Mr S A Farooqi indicated to me his plan to write on his experiences while serving State Bank as a senior executive. In his capacity as a brilliant functionary and a master mind behind State Bank affairs he is undoubtedly capable of writing elaborately worth a reading on banking. He can equally write much enough on his dealings with trade unions in his capacity as a master spokesman of the Bank on staff matters. I wished him all the best realizing in the meantime that , belong as he does committedly with heart and soul to management rung of the banking system, his focus is to be directed more to managerial areas and not so much the unions. I know some of the writers earlier belonging to Indian Banks Association  who did cover the role of unions in their work but tune and tenor wise it was nothing more than strategies to keep off the ‘necessary evil’. Farooqi is the one who has been exceptionally popular in his dealing with industrial matters and has a big friends circle not only in the management but amongst members of staff too. He has two types of friendship  –the one with a bond of sincere commitment and the other one just as a measure of sheer strategy to woo the other side. Many a people fell victim to such a master stroke of his without ever knowing the artist behind. In both the kinds of friendship he played his role in quite a calculatedly dexterous manner. He represents a class –the management. Class apart I earnestly wish him to complete his book.Notwithstanding this, I still thought of writing some thing based on the situations as I saw them and experienced which idea got almost drowned but for the support  extended to me by Awadhesh Pandey, himself a committed  trade union leader of repute, to manage the resource  himself and by mobilizing the like minded people for the project.requesting me most enthusiastically not to abandon the project and persue it to a logical end instead. The way Awadhesh Pandey has so enthusiastically taken the lead of a tangible order himself and on behalf of his team coupled with a large number of requisitions made to me by the like minded people throughout the country, I just can’t afford saying ‘no’ and feel duty bound to undertake the Herculean task with whatever the odds. I do honour the Indent, I get harnessed to the task. I solicit the support and cooperation from all my friends and wellwishers. 

This post is dedicated to  Awadhesh Pandey

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