Down the memory lane!

It’s about the past –glorious, sublime and eventful , the past that is very much supposed to include the present as it is the present only that becomes the past with on time making a crawl between the two. I fondly ventured to harness myself to the task of giving visibility to the history of SBISA/ AISBISF – the history which has been till now confined to mouth to mouth carry forwards only ofcourse with certain exceptions by way of some writings or the other through occasional souvenirs. Another exception is the book ‘MOMENTOUS  MOVEMENT –Glimpses’ by V.Ganesan, a veteran trade union leader of eminence from State Bank. I feel to humble to afford any audacity of supplanting whatever has been written in whatever form till now by my predecessor writers –my attempt to bring forth some more facts to light may at the most supplement the literature available till now making various narratives a subject matter of a composite study.May be the current project in hand acts as a link to my ‘PHOENIX’ which I have been posting on line as a serial. This writeup is on an autobiographical tone of which 3 episodes are already published online which are accessible through my sites like  or  or other ones traceable with tag search e.g. phoenix, banks, sbi. Phoenix and the project in hand is to be either clubbed together or concluded separately.With a view to secure a meaningful cooperation, assistance and contribution from different quarters aimed at giving the project a tangible shape, I propose to contact people who count for the purpose and  those visiting this site of mine are requested to furnish to me whatever information, record  or event down the memory lane they have alongwith photographs if available enabling me to use the same for the book. In this very context , I wrote to the top incumbent incharge, SBISA (Bengal Circle) Com. Ashok Dutta, himself a great advocate of preserving the legacy of the organisation with utmost grace. The text is reproduced as follows as the contents contained therein are meant for all those who have some slightest possible semblance of concern for SBISA/ AISBISF:

Hope all is fine at your end. This communication is for a purpose. Infact I had a craving all along to prepare a suitable writeup on the history of SBISA/ Federation highlighting the pivotal role played by the individual stalwarts of the organization with its basic roots in Kolkata. This gigantic task is virtually so onerous both from the amount of labour involved angle and also the angle of financial resource. Labour angle I can and am prepared to put in but feel handicapped in mustering the necessary financial resource for the project and it is this incapacitation on my part that withholds the much needed take off in the required direction. Visibly nothing in sight, I am still not for giving up nor am I prepared to abandon the project. Supported by none till now joining me for the mission, I wish to myself to secure some avenues or the other to foster the implementation of my dream project without knowing where to land.  As an humble beginning in a frugal order, I am to pick up some of the giant figures who themselves became a history the way they built up this organization and I as one would never like to obliviously ignore their entity as that of nullity. You owe my thanks if you are able to send me a printable photograph of Mohan Da alongwith that of Bodi, certain memorable events connected to him/them which you take as topmost, Nirmal Da alongwith his wife and whatever could be available traces of Soumendranath Tagore. My blogs are globally published online and I would like to serialize the mention of these doyans followed by others afterwads through these blogposts tobe given a compiled shape later. Depending on your response to the requisition I have so made, I shall be bothering you further for some information or the other placing the requisite indent from time to time. I don’t know what is the level and extent of Internet usage by you on your computer which can otherwise be compatibly convenient in sending the above information to me. You can send it through your email also. You can also load the required information online directing it to me or you can let me know the site and I can easily import it to my computer. If you otherwise have any interest in online blogs, you may please go through one of my web sites link of which is given below. Posts in these blogs are by way of free lance journalistic pursuit but it is quite easy to sort out the writings on organization and banks through tags ignoring various kinds of topics on different scenarios and media based issues. Thanks.

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  1. Matter of history


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