Strange are the ways of romance,at times cruel too!

I have been writing MyDiary for a long time and at times made certain notes on occurrences or the situations which I came across in course of following my routine schedules personally or business wise. One such instance is given below. Strange the incident sounds to look but more than that it is too callous an instance of rivalry. When I quoted the instance in my diary, it was what I could guess. I was told later that it was true. 

Friday, October 09, 1998:    While on a routine walk in the Pariavaran Park in the evening yesterday, came across a couple roaming with hankering for some shed or the other for romance but wearing an expression of disappointment for want of it. Lady of the man, though looking married, didn’t appear to be his wife. Explaining the circumstances for his abruptly leaving his main place of work (State Bank Employees School) today morning, gardener Rambabu told me in the evening that he had to rush to a cousin of his at Kalyanpur whose wife committed suicide for the reason that her husband had illicit relations with her own married sister and that both of them were missing for several days. Nothing like any tangible corelation between the two but both the occurrences when read together give a different picture, a painful one -the woman committing suicide has two issues to survive. As it reads on the face of it, the couple so roaming in the park with a hide and seek gesture was the one involved in the episode. Strange are the limits of romance.

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6 thoughts on “Strange are the ways of romance,at times cruel too!

  1. Nice article


  2. Yes, it is like that


  3. Really very peculiar.


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