An encounter with blogging!

I am a writer and opted blogging as a supplementary tool to give vent to my feelings and experiments. Things looked rosy initially only to elicit a barren outcome. I felt tempted by the literature of Adsense/ Googles/Sify for a lucrative return moneywise which again proved tobe a futile exercise. Wish there are not many others to fall prey to tempting ads as all that glitters is not gold. More dismaying a feature was that the sites where  my posts were published as a bonafide member of Adsense couldn’t procure a single ‘impression’ nor even viewers compared to my writings on different other sites where the list of viewers was much  encouraging.  

I feel confident of my writings and am sure that given an honest ‘impression’, they are capable of attracting viewers and also the clicks. Whenever I tried to lay my hands on the clues for no response level of my blogs, it took me to queries after queries leading me to a series of innumerable ‘support’ sites on endless web pages.Beyond templates, they don’t have specific answer to whatever question you raise like one’s voice is bound to remain in vacuum. Even paid ads administered through them land you no where.Can’t say much about others but the taste of blogging I ventured to relish with a keen anxiety at the startup just culminated into a nightmarish experience. Whatever they display on the screen surface  alluring the users is all to their gains allowing nothing  for the writers who finally find themselves destined to land to a post from where they can only relish a horizon of hopes with nothing tangible resultwise. This has been my experience till now and I find myself anxious yet to see that it proves wrong.

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4 thoughts on “An encounter with blogging!

  1. Why should it happen this way


  2. Blogging is like that


  3. Who is to blame?


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