Blogging -how nightmarish ?

Looks so interesting, ofcourse apparently. Rosy initially, it all goes so nightmarish that one feels like getting back to where he was at the start. Promoters all over the world are no doubt so generous to come out with numerous plans every now and then and obviously there are many who are lucky enough to make out substantially out of it but there is equally a number of people who are just unable to get a take off even. I don’t think it is entirely the promoters to blame -the handicap lies with the bloggers themselves as they are unable to pickup the real threads. It sounds like a mystery that no sooner one is able to pickup some thing by way of good blogging, he/she lands at a place which is nothing more than a vacuum. Difficult to say as to fault lies with whom. I am the one never so lucky to land to a satiable point on blogging on the very face of the fact that I have been all dead set with ample aptitude to writing. I don’t believe, nor I like it, in loose literature but it appears that what is more in demand is some thing that appeals to people more and what appeals to people more can’t just afford to be a sober topic. You talk of entertainers, actors, dancers, glamour -it is all OK but the moment you try to stick to something otherwise, you are rejected otherwise. Possibly that is the way the occur. No point in blaming any one.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging -how nightmarish ?

  1. Why this sort of despondency?


  2. Blogs are a matter tobe taken up seriously


  3. Is it like this. I am a novice.


  4. Should not be write this


  5. Very difficult task


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