A senior Police Officer serving his Lord as his wife ?

A senior police officer of the rank of Inspector General (Police) in Uttar Pradesh opted for retirment from a prestigious position just to involve himself full to serve Lord Krishna as his wife. He abandoned his wife accepting the order of the Court to pay her substantially as maintenance. He can easily be seen in some temple or a religious gathering dressed as a woman with bindi on his forehead and thick bangles in hands. His miens, gestures and other patterns of behaviour are that of a woman only. He observes necessary fasts on prescribed puja days submitting himself to the Lord as his wife. He is received well at many a places particularly by the woman folk but he is ridiculed too by many of which he is the one to remain just unmindful.

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6 thoughts on “A senior Police Officer serving his Lord as his wife ?

  1. Why the photo and the text placed seperately


  2. A case of surprise but appears true


  3. How strange? It is love or cynicism?


  4. It all just a matter of mental sickness


  5. Strange


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