Wait my darling wait !

Wait my darling wait ! 

Thou art a beauty                                         

 Enchanting and captivating

Your miens so sweet

Are soothing and temptating 

Against your disarming charm

There is no plea

I feel drowned into it                                    

With a tempestuous glea 

These are the moments

Eternal and sublime

They can’t be erased

 By passage of time 

Feel like getting lost

Into your curly hair

Placing my total entity

At your gaze and glare 

Forgetting the world

Forgetting the Self

Ignoring the surroundings

Ignoring the pelf 

Sumptuously charged

A scenario like this

Why should I lose

Why should I miss 

My overbrimming cravings

My intense pursuit

They refuse to name you

A forbidden fruit 

But, someone calls me from the horizon

Summons me to a mission gleam

And does overtake my longings

Bewildered, I just scream 

Think of the destitutes

Who starve and suffer

Listen to the crippled ones

Unable to go beyond a stutter 

The naked bodies

Sans any wears

There are lids

That overflow with tears 

Stricken by poverty

Bitten by onslaught

Whom only miseries

And pinches are brought 

The frail structure

The sunken eyes

That’s a hungry soul

That cries and dies 

Remedy the hunger ?

Remove the pain ?

Obviously beyond my reach

I know I am crying invain 

But why can’t I share the plight

Joining and consoling those

Who suffer the chagrin

Taking their life is at a close 

Whatever might at my command

Whatever energy left in me

Determined am I to harness the same

To secure some solace for them to see 

When it comes toSome one’s raking

It’s worth postponing

Love and love making 

Pangs of seclusion versus the poor

I rate them high with a weight

And till such time I get back to thee

Wait my darling wait.


At times, there is more demanding a situation than love hosoever strong be the intensity of it.

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6 thoughts on “Wait my darling wait !

  1. Romance is meaningful if it is in the context of responsibility and commitment.


  2. Romance cum duty both are defined well


  3. I would like to read more of the author. I think I am to join WordPress for a better access to such writings


  4. touching


  5. Lovely poem




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