No limit to lust !

Love is blind, it is said.This obviously denotes that the committedness the love involves has no bounds and it goes on irrespective of situations howsoever odd they could be.This committedness has a grace, it is solemn. Things are just different when love is nothing but lust where a person behaves beastly to secure satiation to it. One news appearing in the press the other day where a woman named Lina, head mistress of a school in America, was in romance with a boy in early teens. Herself aged around 30, she chose a boy, her student, aged 13 as a love mate. What a combination, what a choice? Initially she used to give the boy oral lessons training him on sex and had full sex relations with him thereafter which continued for years. The local Court has since awarded Lina, ‘lusty Lina’ as she is called, punishment of 14 years in prison. It is certainly too difficult to demarcate between a love that is so sacred and the love that is nothing but lust. The instant case is just a sordid shape of a much confounded lust without any slightest possible semblance of any love that is pure and chaste.

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5 thoughts on “No limit to lust !

  1. Actually there is no limit to sexual lust


  2. Lust is well compared as against real love


  3. Lust has really no limits it appears


  4. Excellent comparison between love and lust.




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