Shilpa’s exposure -Limit to obscenity?

It was only the other day that Shilpa Shetty allowed Richard Gere to plant kisses on her in a volcanoic posture in a public show at New Delhi. The show was on Aids awareness. Difficult to understand what so much of obscenity had to do with the awareness on Aids. The way Richard Gere so amorously behaved with Shilpa on stage and the way Shilpa was receptive to his move and gestures aimed at physically lowering her down to a point after which nothing but virtual dirct sex activity remains. The great surprise that Gere, who only some time back posed himself in a saintly order joining Dalai Lama, the great Budha Monk, obviously indicating abundantlly that he is away from any lust or sex. Nothing of this kind could be believed by any one who saw him engulfing Shilpa to his body in a robustly tight grip and Shilpa fully joining him in the act. Another surprise that strikes every body is the conduct of media itself. The TV channels, or say the one that I was viewing on the material day, repeated the scene on the screen more than a dozen times suffering as they do from some thing sort of a lust to attract viewership. Freedom for love, OK but if the freedom crosses the limits this way, what else is left out. In that situation, better no body talks of obscenity as it in no manner differs from a free love and romance. Richard Gere apologising and Shilpa explaining that it was for the sake of public entertainment give a stormy feeler that what is being done in red light areas is equally for public only and only to their entertainment. 

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4 thoughts on “Shilpa’s exposure -Limit to obscenity?

  1. Most unbecoming of an actress who is otherwise not known tobe so loose


  2. unable to digest popularity


  3. An indecent action by the actress to get publicity.




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