Something beyond love !

Love is great, love is divine, love is supreme. It is something so much inbuilt in the human system that howsoever best one tries to get out of it it is just not possible. But the fact remains that it just can’t afford to remain independent of other factors in life like the source of sustentation for life. Sans life, love has no place to survive. It is in this very context that a prominent poet spoke out the reality on this with practicalities of life in mind. An extract of what he wrote reads this way –

Raahatein aur bhi hain wasl ki raahat ke siwa   – Aur bhi gham hain zamaane mein mohabbat ke siwa.

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4 thoughts on “Something beyond love !

  1. Yeh, it is true


  2. Subject is well covered


  3. Biggest power to run the wolrd




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