I can help you !

Whatever be the reasons, some tension or the other is a common phenomenon for every body in the present day world.Behavioural imbalances are in the back of all problems –love, family, business or any thing. Those like  introverts by temperament prefer to keep their problem to themselves refraining from sharing it with others with the result that it only aggravates for want of sharing. Psychologically any human mind has an inherent system to get a tension alleviated the moment it is shared with others –ofcourse within a closer circle. Such a sharing further elicits a bigger relief on securing a suitable advice from wellwishers/sympathizers.Sometime back a person from
Belgium called on me. This was his 4th visit to
India in search of peace. His problem was that everytime he tried to practice ‘concentration’  to secure peace as advised to him by sages/seers, he invariably failed and instead of peace he only encountered nightmarish scenarios on sex. My advice to him was not to play an unnecessarily aggressive overdoing against such thoughts, such thoughts infact need a compromise by channelising them on those very thoughts themselves. Ignore the Gods, the Deities for the time being, concentrate on a source you otherwise love most, may be a girl friend. Once the mind is settled on a particular point, it just opens a gateway to positive thoughts making it quite easy to divert the negative to positive. I quoted to him certain stories including the one from the life of Lord Budha. I found him thrilled and could see an impression of a serene satiation on his face. On going back he wrote to me that he felt so comfortable and that he could now see peace face to face. This is one instace –the areas of tension could be so many otherwise.

I have been working on this for quite a long time and may be I could be of some help to any who undergoes a situation like this. Please feel free to contact me online –

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5 thoughts on “I can help you !

  1. Good amount of generosity.Welcome


  2. nicely said


  3. I feel me and like me many others would like to contact the author of this article


  4. I will contact in case I need help


  5. NICE, SIR


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