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Mourning the death of Hullad Moradabadi:

A versatile Hindi poet of humour and entertainment Hullad Moradabadi breathed his last the other day. He was 72. He was known for intelligent and subtle satires through his poems of humour which had an instant appeal to his audience. He hardly ever wrote serious poems committed as he always was to humour and jokes. The world of Hindi literature has lost a stalwart of it in him. As against Kaka Hatharasi who was well known for a deep literary grip on his theme, Hullad was the one who was closely devoted to a plain and simple theme behind his compositions in a jovial mood. He even humourised his own death reciting -

Yeh nahin kahna ki Hullad mar gaya

Log samjhenge ki koi chutkula hai

(Don’t tell any one that Hullad is dead as the people may just take it as another joke)

Wish peace to the departed soul.

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7 thoughts on “Mourning the death of Hullad Moradabadi:

  1. mysonnets on said:


  2. हास्‍य रस के इस महान कवि को बार बार प्रणाम ा भगवान इनकी आत्‍मा को परम शान्ति प्रदान करे ा

  3. A vacuum is happened in the field of Hindi Literature due to death of this poet.God may rest him peace in heaven.
    Very touching lines –Yeh nahi…………….koi chutkala hai.


  5. d n sharma on said:

    I wish .may his soul rest in peace

  6. bndubey on said:

    My deepest condolence on the sad demise of Hullad , a great poet who gave voice to the agony of a common man in his own style hitting all the spheres of social life.. May his soul rest in peace… Sir, It is your blog through which I came to know this.. It did not find a place in media.. It is very painful..

  7. Any person with literary bent of mind like you are is obviously supposed to feel concerned with the news. My thanks for the concern you expressed.

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